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Oskar Schönfelder's Genealogy

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Amanda Schönfelder History

My Great Grandmother was Christiane Charlotte Amanda Schönfelder, her maiden name was Oertling and we have that she was born either on January 4th or 19th, 1880 in Neumuenster, Germany.  My Grandfather, Karl Schoenfelder shared that his mother had 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  Supposedly she went by the name, Amanda though some pictures have her as Charlotte.  My Grandfather also said that her father was named Karl Hans Oertling and was a jeweller in Neumuenster, Germany.  Because we have no records and are only going by my Grandfather's memory there is the chance that some of the names and/or birthdates may be innacurate.  Only official records will help us clarifty these questions.
I have found some Oertlings in Neumuenster that seem to fit her family perfectly but after communicating with them through email, it seems that in their family genealogy there is no Schönfelder's married into their family.  I hope that more searching will bring more clarity and answers when it comes to Amanda's family.  

Amanda Schönfelder in her garden - 1927

Current Research & Findings

After Oskar Schönfelder passed away in February 1932 it is believed that Amanda Charlotte, may have moved to Dresden with her twin daughters.  Through the internet and with the help of Manfred Lösch in Dresden I was able to find house registers & documents of where Amanda lived and along with pictures of the villa where she along with Maria & Helen lived.
Below are the pictures as well as what Manfred Lösch was able to find.

View from the corner Krenkelstraße/Tischerstraße to Krenkelstraße 9

The "Adressbuch Dresden 1943/1944" contains a citizen register (= Einwohnerverzeichnis) of town Dresden (and 32 citizen registers for the Vororte), it shows:
SCHÖNFELDER, Amd. Charlotte Chstne., OLehrers Ww., A 16, Krenkelstr. 19  I.
There is a problem: The "Adressbuch Dresden 1943/1944" contains a special register, called Häuserbuch (book for houses), it shows all inhabitants (occupants, tenants) of a given house address. It shows for Krenkelstr. 19 there doesn't be an inhabitant SCHÖNFELDER! But nearby, I  found the inhabitant SCHÖNFELDER in house of Krenkelstr. 9. The scans are in the email trailer. My assumption: Krenkelstr. 19 is false (mistake in citizen register) and Krenkelstr. 9 is right. Therefore (in greater details):
SCHÖNFELDER, Amanda Charlotte Christiane, widow, her husband was been an advanced teacher (Oberlehrer),
Dresden A 16, Krenkelstraße 9, first Etage.

Remarks to house of Krenkelstr. 9 (in 1943/44):
Altst.7820 = Grundbuchnummer \   special area registers of town
601P = Ortslistennummer          /
E = Eigentümer = house owner: Frau Johanna Elisabeth QUANDT (married), living in Wittstock an der Dosse (a little town about 80km western-nothern from Berlin near the town Pritzwalk in Brandenburg). The actual digital telefon book on my computer "tell me": In Wittstock there doesn't be any telefon entry of QUANDT (no successors?).
V = Verwalter = administrator, manager: Herr Paul GEßNER (F = Firma of realtor and trustee, GR = Geschäftsraum), Dresden A 1 (= absolutly city center), Schloßstraße 18. All buildings of Schloßstraße have been  total destroyed in 1945.

In the map of Dresden 1940:
Between Großer Garten (a big park) and the word Striesen (in the right, in blue characters) there is a red arrow pointing to Krenkelstraße. It is in an exclusive destrict, called Striesen. Many houses in this district have been destroyed in
1945. But not the house of Krenkelstraße 9, it is a beautyful old villa. I think, the villa have been build perhaps in year 1900 and now its renovation is perhaps 5 years old (the same history has the villa in Krenkelstraße 19).
In the map of Dresden 2004:
No changes for Krenkelstraße, but some other streets and places have new names. Now Dresden is again a touristic attraction.

Looking down Krenkelstraße - Dresden, Germany

View from the Krenkelstraße in direction to Borsbergstraße, on the left side behind the tree is Krenkelstraße 9.  In the middle of the foto is a romanic-katholic (= römisch-katholisch) church, standing at the crossing Borbsbergstr./Krenkelstr. Remark: About 90 percents of churchs in Saxony are evangelic-lutheran. churchs.

Krenkelstraße 9 - Dresden

View from Borsbergstraße to Krenkelstraße 9 (in the middle of the picture)

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