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Oskar Schönfelder's Genealogy

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Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. Unfortunatley, the latter is true for my paternal side of my family, the Schoenfelder side.  My Grandfather, Karl Schoenfelder left Germany in 1927 and shared very little about his life before immigrating to Canada.  Slowly we are learning more about the life my grandfather and his family led in Saxony, Germany.  This site is an attempt to record our findings with the hope that continuous research will help us find more. 

Karl Schoenfelder was the only child out of 6 children that ended up carrrying on this particular family line.  Grandfather Karl, had two older brothers who served and died in World War 1, lost a twin brother at only 2 months old and had two twin sisters who never married but lived a long life into their late 90's.  It turns out that because Karl chose to leave Germany and immigrate in 1927 to Canada that he could have easily saved his life thus sealing the birth of ours and of course keeping the family line of Max Oskar Schönfelder alive.
There are some people who question the idea of researching their family genealogy but it is the "family history" and unanswered questions that has become my passion and what has inspired me to do this research.  My desire to learn more and record the ancestry of my Grandfather has become an obsession and one I completely enjoy.  We live in a time where learning about our roots is possible through the internet and while it will be a great gift to give my family, this passion is more a selfish desire to round out the knowledge of who I am.

Kathy Schoenfelder - Verrelli 


Here I would like to thank my father, George Schoenfelder for taking an interest in recording his own roots, my mother, Frances Schoenfelder (Hrapchak) who always loved genealogy and had the intuition to ask my grandfather, Karl Schoenfelder a bunch of questions about his life in Germany before he died.  I would also like to thank all the people in Germany who have helped my research by sharing their own genealogy, answering my emails and supporting me in my search.

Oskar, Charlotte, Mary & Helen Schoenfelder - Werdau, Germany