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Oskar Schönfelder's Genealogy

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History of Saxony

Saxony was a duchy, then an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire. Two of the Electors converted to Catholicism and became successive Kings of Poland.  With Napoleons' dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, the then Elector of Saxony sided with Napoleon. Napoleon then raised the electorate to a kingdom. When Napoleon was defeated in 1814 almost half of the kingdom was given to Prussia (what became known as Lower Saxony) as reparations by the Congress of Vienna. The King sided with Austria during the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. Prussia then took additional territory and at the request of the Austrian Emperor left King and kingdom  in place.The kingdom, at the turn of the century, after Prussia and Bavaria was the 3rd most populous in the Empire. Saxony was an anomaly of the Empire, a Protestant kingdom (4.5+ million Protestant, mostly Lutheran; 500,000+ Catholics) and a Catholic King and Royal Family. The end came with the fall of the Empire in 1918. It is a German state today.
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History Links

Click on the links below to visit the different areas where my ancestors lived - Werdau - Zwickau - Gispersleben - Dresden:
Links to learn more on the Dresden firebombing.


Here is a very beautiful story of a little girl who had survived the second world war.  There is reference and pictures of the bombing in Werdau and Dresden and her life in East and West Germany.