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Oskar Schönfelder's Genealogy

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Canadian History of Karl Schoenfelder

Born: January 19, 1906 in Werdau, Saxony, Germany
Deceased: July 18, 1986 on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Married: March 28, 1932
Spouse: Barbara Lutz
Children: Charlotte, Henry, Hildegard, George, Ernie
Parents: Max Oskar George Schönfelder - Christiane Charlotte Amanda Oertling 

Memories and Stories

Karl Schoenfelder left Germany in 1927 when he was 21 years old and immigrated to Canada.  He arrived at the Port of Quebec on August 13, 1927 aboard the Empress of Scotland owned by Canadian Pacific. 


He may have lived a lavish life in Germany but here in Canada his life was far from extravagant.  After arriving in Canada, he traveled to Saskatchewan and joined up with a German settlement in Lens, Saskatchewan.  He started to help out farmers in the area that needed an extra hand and was known to teach the local children Bible classes in a grainery on Sundays. 


His new life in Canada turned out to be very humble with many hardships.  Life in Canada at that time was very tough and maybe why he enjoyed sharing with his new friends and family about the formality and abundance of his life while living in Germany.  He would mention that he was required to dress in a tux for meals, that they lived in a large estate with full house support that included maids, a full time nurse, maintenance men and drivers as well as enjoying a summer home and garden just 3 miles away.  


One would think a life of comfort would be appealing to most.  Not Karl, he remembered the times when he would go to the mountains with his dad where they were alone and connecting and discussing life.  They were very close and it seemed Karl appreciated nature more than the life of being catered to. 
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Karl & Barbara Schoenfelder